Helge Meyer Pushes the Drone

A piece from Hamburg, Germany


Helge Meyer refers to “North of Dust” as a drone, yet it has a serrated texture beyond the norm for that word. The pushing of the term’s meaning is welcome, because the word “drone” has become increasingly synonymous with a specific, dense, solitary sound, and the drone of “North of Dust” has a far more fractured, anxious feeling to it than one might initially expect. There is, certainly, an underlying, mantra-like current, of course, like a remnant of some ancient Terry Riley piece, but there is atop it this thorough screen of chattering noise, neither explicitly mechanical nor organic. It is static in both senses of the word. The track is off Meyer’s recent debut album, Vessel, on the Pleisto label.

Track originally posted for streaming at soundcloud.com/helgemeyer. More from Meyer, who is based in Hamburg, Germany, at econore.com. More from the label, Pleisto, at facebook.com/pleisto.

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