#noise #darknoise #harshnoise

Variations on tag

The SoundCloud of Peoria, Illinois”“based act Infirmary is a study on a willfully narrow theme. Tracks bear tags such as #noise #darknoise #harshnoise. There is even one for #noisesounddesign, which could apply to everything here, because everything here at a low volume lends artful dread to whatever is happening around you, whether you’re sitting in an office alone listening on a stereo system, or sitting on a bus with earbuds. The motoric energy is grinding and hard, the white noise effect is dense and restless, and there come and go these underlying drone-like qualities that tease at individuality in a genre that often can seem to aspire to belligerent style-less anonymity. (That’s in contrast with contemporary country music, which is not much less anonymous than noise music but makes claims for strong personal individuality.) It seems more likely that this piece’s title, “Live at Strip Club Decimation,” is a scenario-setting phrase, not a report of where and when it was actually recorded, but either way the name seems fitting. Set it on repeat and let the noise wash over you.

Track originally posted at soundcloud.com/infirmary. More from Infirmary at capturethecobra.bandcamp.com.

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