Valentine’s Day Is for the Birds

... and whales and high Arctic male bearded seals

Michelle Fournet writes regularly about bioacoustics at her blog, where she has, among other things, recounted a trip to Antarctica on a Korean ice breaker to recover an ocean-bottom hydrophone. (I mentioned this a couple months ago in my This Week in Sound email newsletter.) She shares the blog with several other people, who have covered such topics as constructive uses of social media in the sciences and, with good regularity, “Sound Bites” highlights from their field of study. Today Fournet took the opportunity to share field recordings of love songs from red-winged blackbirds and the high Arctic male bearded seal, whose repertoire she correctly describes as “strange” — both in its alien otherness, and in its emotive familiarity

Right now, as of this typing, the Oregon State Research Collective for Applied Acoustics has all of two followers for its SoundCloud account. Let’s try to fix that.

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