More Tokyo Beats

Courtesy of Hideyuki Kuromiya

Another day, another beat from Tokyo-based Hideyuki Kuromiya. I mentioned here a beat by him yesterday, and to emphasize the studiousness inherent in his beat-a-day practice, I was glad today’s was as strong as yesterday’s. This time the pace feels even slower, more willfully plodding, the downtempo affect the result of an off-kilter plosive that feels like a heavy heel dragged rather than just set down on pavement. Sour keyboard notes and what sounds like a saxophone sample melting in thin air intersect in interesting ways. While yesterday’s track was a series of concise, self-contained instances, this is a much more layered and complex undertaking. Play it on repeat.

Track originally posted for free download at More from Kuromiya, who is based in Tokyo, Japan, at

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