When Repetition Doesn’t Sound Like Repetition

A taste of Taylor Deupree's new modus operandi

Taylor Deupree posts regularly in his 2015 SoundCloud Studio Diary, which is now up to 29 tracks. Yesterday’s entry was one of the longest, at nearly 8 minutes. They’re often shorter snippets of caught moments and rough ideas. This approach is one more musicians should take, but it’s also one that works particularly well for Deupree, in that his fragments welcome looping, which compensates for the occasional brevity, and because their generally ethereal qualities aren’t hampered by a lack of context. He describes this current piece as a sample of an album-in-progress, and that it represents a new approach to composition that he dubs “intense repetition without sounding like it.”Here that repetition is a series of lightly plucked guitar strings and glass rattles, around which arises this rich, swarming drone.

Track originally posted at soundcloud.com/12k. More from him at twitter.com/taylordeupree.

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