Glia’s Beat

A track with three parts, one invisible

The arrhythmia of the beat against the tonal sweetness of the melodic material makes the track “__..____._” by Glia sound like someone having an acute panic attack on an otherwise serene day. The gap between those sensations, the significant expanse between the anxious churning percussion of the beat and the soft see-saw of the suspended waveforms, makes for a third presence. The track’s title, with its suggestion of a coded message, adds yet another layer of context. I wondered if the apparent Morse code might be supplying the beat, so I popped it into a translator, but it returned a null.

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5 thoughts on “Glia’s Beat

  1. thanks for listening! kinda nuts that people actually pay attn to this stuff

    titles usually impact perception of instrumental music and i enjoy the naming process, rarely leaving stuff untitled…but this is an unreleased remix so i hid the name (not in morse)

    anyway most of the tunes i upload have hints about the name in the url this url is “kck”

    that’s all you get for now (if/when it gets released i’ll post here again)

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