Kate Carr’s Ambient Naturalism

Put "Once Upon a Rose Coloured Time" on repeat.

Kate Carr’s “Once Upon a Rose Coloured Time” is a piece of nature-infused ambient music. It’s all rustling leaves, birdsong, and a slow foundation of pure droning sonic billow. Two components stand out from the naturalist undercurrent, nudge it from background audio to foreground listening. There is a gentle guitar line that arrives about halfway through, and there is a brief, upward, single-note melodic line. The latter may, in fact, be a snippet of birdsong set on loop. That, as a result, it brings to mind, quite favorably, Brian Eno’s Thursday Afternoon is a sign of just how well those naturalist and sonic tendencies overlap.

Track originally posted at soundcloud.com/katecarr. More from Carr, who is from Sydney and is currently based in Belfast, at twitter.com/flamingpines.

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