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Kate Carr is not only what often gets labeled a “sound explorer.” She is a more literal sort of explorer as well. Her instagram.com/k8_carr_ feed is often detailing one corner of the globe or another. Originally from Sydney and now based in Belfast, Carr appears at this moment to be wandering all over Iceland. Recognizing this, I headed to her SoundCloud account, soundcloud.com/katecarr, in the hopes that her sound-artist ear would be brought to bear on the soundscape as much as her camera has been on the landscape. There was no disappointment. She’s been documenting the world with contact mics and hydrophones and other techniques, like this record of an iced fence:

And this of two trawlers:

Her recordings show not just an editor’s ear for considered framing, but also a variety of approaches. She writes of the trawler piece:

A four channel hydrophone recording taken between two trawlers, one making a low slapping sound, the other a high leak. You can also hear a trawler being unloaded by a small fixed crane in the background, and some gulls.

And there is a little Cageian touch. The trawler track’s length is 4:33:

More from Carr at twitter.com/flamingpines.

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