Sonic Color and Post-Drone Music

An exemplary track by Darren McClure

There are more than enough drone composers at work that we can begin to really appreciate post-drone music. Drone composers have opened our ears to works of ecstatic stasis, in which micro-shifts in texture and tone take center stage. In post-drone music, as exemplified by the exceptional “Yellow” from Darren McClure, those same elements are brought back into a more traditional compositional format, with a structure of give and take, in which thematic development plays a substantive role. The track is from McClure’s album Primary Locations, which was released earlier this month on Dragon’s Eye Recordings. Each of the tracks on Primary Locations investigates the sonic equivalent of the visual spectrum, and also comprises field recordings consistent with the theme. “Yellow,” for example, includes audio recorded on a “metal overpass supporting train lines.” This explains the rough shudder and brief snippets of bird song, among other facets of the piece.

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