Adherence as Mask for Avoidance

A steadfast beat from Starsmoke

The slender techno of an untitled piece by Starsmoke is a simple beat set on repeat and lightly ornamented for the duration. As it moves headlong into the future — well, toward its 4:34 end time, which will then trigger the listener to set it on loop — it never veers from the lightly tweaked boom-chika boom-chika at its core. But adherence to time isn’t entirely what’s going on. Here, seeming adherence is a mask for artful, concerted avoidance. What makes the untitled track worthy of a listen, and worthy of a title for that matter, is how it plays with that underlying rhythm as it proceeds: nudging small grace beats, hinting at backward masking, suggesting turntable effects, dropping segments to yield illusions of syncopation. It’s quite a treat.

Track originally posted at More from Starsmoke, who apparently splits time between Colorado and Wyoming, at

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