Post-Classical Ambient Minimalism for Crepuscular Airports

Or so says its composer-performer, Suss Müsik

The track “Augmentative” by Suss Müsik is described in a brief accompanying note by its composer-performer as “Post-classical ambient minimalism for crepuscular airports.” The intention is clear. The “post-classical” aspect is the presence of static violins and receding timpani. The “ambient minimalism” is the overall sense of hovering waveforms in favor over active, self-evident melodic or thematic development. The “crepuscular” is the way such a still piece can bring to mind moments in the day, such as that of twilight, when things seem to pause on a psychic, emotional, and sensory fulcrum point, with an underlying and intense momentum toward what might come next. And then, of course, the “airports” is a nod to Brian Eno’s foundational work, where he likewise likened the travel portal to a unique mental juncture. At nearly 18 minutes long, “Augmentative” plays like the score to a short, word-less film of constant transitions that lead nowhere in particular, a dream-state in which a vision of travel is, in fact, a metaphor for some entirely other deeply rooted anxiety.

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