What Sound Looks Like

An ongoing series cross-posted from instagram.com/dsqt

The doorbell is a simple device. Yet it must be a complicated one to fix. Out and about in the city, you frequently come upon makeshift solutions to a specific problem. The problem is that an old doorbell no longer works. A new doorbell intended to replace the old doorbell may well work, but often as not, the overall solution doesn’t. This specific combination of heavy-duty tape, a handwritten sign, and a complete relocation of the doorbell deserves a prize for multi-stage suboptimal domestic hack. And don’t let its seemingly temporary nature fool you. The city is full of temporary hacks that remain in place decades later, likely lasting longer than the doorbell they replaced. Perhaps that is an accomplishment worthy of commemoration if not respect.

An ongoing series cross-posted from instagram.com/dsqt.

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