DJing the Idea of Vinyl

Some "prickly electronic abstractions" from Stephan Dragesser

Back in 2012, “prickly electronic abstractions” was how the Vuzh Music label described the work of Stephan Dragesser, also known as the Euphoric Hum. That description certainly applies to “Clouds,” a track Dragesser uploaded yesterday to his Soundcloud account. Based in Germany, Dragesser mixes light scratchy percussive pixelated interference, like someone is DJing not vinyl so much as the idea of vinyl, amid hushed held tones. Those tones, a sequence of meditation-ready, evenly paced chords, sound like they were lifted from an otherwise hedonistic bit of deep house. Combined, the elements begin as a partnering of equals, the static taking on a gently funky presence, the tones admirably reserved. But as “Clouds” moves, it builds, to something more imminently chaotic than it felt capable of at the opening. This is easily one of the strongest tracks in months that I’ve had the pleasure to spotlight.

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