Music for Planetariums

A taste of Rhian Sheehan's offworld, widescreen awe

Rhian Sheehan knows something about widescreen awe. He recently composed the score to Back to the Moon for Good, narrated by Tim Allen (“To infinity,” and all that). It’s a film designed for planetariums. It’s about teams competing for the Google Lunar Xprize. Sheehan has a history in this sort of immersive offworld tech documentary, having also scored We Are Astronomers (narrated by Dr. Who‘s David Tennant), We Are Aliens (narrated by Harry Potter‘s Rupert Grint), and We Are Stars (narrated by motion-capture innovator Andy Serkis). It’s unclear if the track “Otium” is related to any of this work, but since the word is Latin for “leisure,” we can presume this is his own music made on his own time. It’s moves comfortably from exhilaration to ease, from a brain-tingling, wide-eyed clarity to an attenuated stasis, all in the course of just four minutes.

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