What Sound Looks Like

An ongoing series cross-posted from instagram.com/dsqt

This is an extreme close-up of a doorbell, or of what had been a doorbell. It is/was the sixth of six buzzers at the entrance to a small apartment building near Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. The other five buzzers look and presumably work fine. This one, however, has been gutted. It has, like the others, a handwritten number next to it, paint on weather-proofed metal. But its button and the circular casing are long gone. They yield a small bit of transparency, not into the apartments themselves, but into the wiring. Small, worn, colored cabling is viewable within, as are tiny scraps of paper. Also evident: dirt and insects. The result is an especially tidy version of the classic urban-development infill story: What had been a buzzer to a residence has itself become a residence.

An ongoing series cross-posted from instagram.com/dsqt.

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