The Year Ahead

As approaches its 20th anniversary

Thinking ahead this year, some key priorities are

(1) getting this This Week in Sound email published weekly,

(2) finally getting the podcast going,

(2) updating several times a day rather than just daily,

(3) getting some playlists of (commercial) music going on Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play Music (none of which have filled the sizable hole that Rdio’s disappearance has left),

(4) finishing a score to a science-fiction film I’m doing sound design and music supervision for (more on which later),

(5) getting my next semester of my class on the “role of sound in the media landscape”going (it starts the first week of February),

(6) finalizing “next book(s)”plans,

and … well, and more.

Current fixations: the not-quite-silences of conference calls … sound effects in comics … sound design of TV shows and film … making peace with the death of Rdio and trying to get into the groove with either Google Play Music, Apple Music, or Spotify …

This first appeared in the January 12, 2016, edition of the free Disquiet “This Week in Sound”email newsletter:

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