Hearing Gray but Waiting for the Orchestra to Surface

A new track from Keith Berry's forthcoming Elixir

The more you listen to drones, the less they sound like drones. One person’s gray wool flannel sweater of a sonic experience becomes someone else’s expansive orchestral grandeur. “Elixir,”heard here in an excerpt — though at over four and a half minutes in length, it’s more than enough to go by — is good training for those who hear gray and want to get through the gray to the detail.

It’s a thorough composite, a swollen, soupy mass of sound, but in it there is so much to pay attention to, glimmery effects and arpeggiating fragments, all moving behind a veil drenched in white noise. The track is credited to Keith Berry, who, as Invisible Birds notes, recorded for the excellent Trente Oiseaux label, run by Bernhard Günter. “Elixir”is from a forthcoming album by that name, due out on Invisible Birds around March of this year.

Track originally posted at soundcloud.com/invisible-birds. More from Keith Berry, who is based in the U.K., at invisiblebirds.org and twoinchesoffground.com.

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