Noise/Signal/Noise :: Verse/Chorus/Verse

A pattern emerges

This droning piece, “160208_Murmur,” slowly lets a semblance of melody and rhythm emerge from a rich fog, and then the fog returns. That structure — noise/signal/noise — may be itself emerging as the verse/chorus/verse of drone music. The four-minute track is nearly halfway through before the slow, metallic, percussive tune kicks in, the early drone persisting beneath it. This noise/signal/noise structure is something to pay attention to, in part for its increasing prominence in drone music, and more particularly for how it inspires you to pay attention. It’s interesting how the mode trains the ear, especially as the signal itself begins to fade. You keep listening to hear some last vestige, perhaps responding to ghost sounds, to what are in fact memories, long after the audio itself has faded.

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