Sustained Chamber Ambient Music

Borosilicate Purl arrives on SoundCloud

“Liberation Suite” was the first track to appear at the SoundCloud page of Borosilicate Purl, an ambient duo out of Michigan. Three more tracks have appeared in the past day, but as of yesterday “Liberation” stood alone. It makes for a strong start. It’s a beautiful work of sustained chamber ambient music. Strings maintain a running, cloud-bank placidity, while organ-like tones begin to fill out the body of the piece. At times it brings to mind the song-less country music of the Boxhead Ensemble, at others the amplified zithers of Laraaji, and at others still the more introspective guitar performances of Adrian Belew. The ambition of Borosilicate Purl is clear in how the apparent sparseness of the work belies its emotional heft, and how it utilizes over 10 full minutes to get where it’s going.

Track originally posted at Borosilicate Purl is the duo of Michael Rice and Jeffrey Niemeier. They are based in Grand Rapids, Michigan

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