Lightly Warped Instrumental Chamber Pop

From Japan by way of Italy

The always dependable netlabel La bél, based in Italy, has released a beautiful album of lightly warped instrumental chamber pop music from Ykymr. Titled Spring Fields Become a Hummingbird, it’s a collection of seven tracks that range from melty piano and synth hymns, complete with layers of bird song (“Sorry”), to gently rhythmic post-rock (“Sleepy”). Two highlights are on the quieter side. “Snow in the Southerly” is one of those piano/bird pieces, adding a bit of electric guitar midway through. “Spring Birds” fuzzes out the piano in a static-tinged manner that sounds like an ancient 78 recording of some proto-minimalist’s private sketches.

Album originally posted for free download at More from Ykymr, based in Tokyo, Japan, at and

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