What Sound Looks Like

An ongoing series cross-posted from instagram.com/dsqt

This archaic callbox stands on a street that’s been in a constant state of construction for at least a decade. New structures have risen. Old ones have been refurbished or destroyed. Entirely new tunnels have been excavated and put into use. Businesses have come and gone. The callbox, nestled into some high brush and thick weeds, was locked shut at some point along the way. Then came the indignities: the cobwebs (it should be noted these withstood a day of rain) and the mess of paint. If this box could still make or take a call, it would be an effort to access it. Perhaps it’s on a list somewhere of historic items to be protected. Perhaps it’s low on another list of things to be disposed of, or to be retrofitted. Perhaps those lists have disappeared and no one today with a municipal title even knows of its existence. Perhaps the line still works, perhaps the line is still on, and perhaps someone on the other end hears people passing, few if any providing any evidence that they note the callbox’s presence.

An ongoing series cross-posted from instagram.com/dsqt.

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