The Wire Magazine on the Disquiet Junto

Lottie Brazier features it in the Unofficial Channels column

Many thanks to Lottie Brazier, who wrote a piece about the Disquiet Junto for the “Unofficial Channels” column in the current issue of The Wire magazine (July 2016, the one with Loren Connors on the cover). I especially appreciate that she put in print a comment by Ethan Hein that I’ve long thought captures part of the essence of the Junto (“He writes reviews of music that doesn’t exist yet and then gets internet strangers to make it”), and for emphasizing my sense of “ambient participation” and how I connect it to the child-development concept of “parallel play.”

I’m hopeful the Wire coverage of the Junto will introduce it to a new batch of potential participants. She also quotes Richard Fair on, among other things, the weekly aspect of the Junto as part of its utility. And she singles out a track by Detritus Tabu from the 0028 project.

Here is the piece:




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2 thoughts on “The Wire Magazine on the Disquiet Junto

  1. I’m so pleased with the write-up, and so proud to be a virile participant in the Junto! Thank You, Marc, for your subtle direction into novel sonic realms of my musical self! Peace! ~ Michael Ash Sharbaugh

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