Bratislava Beatcraft

A bit of downtempo from Jojo Blue of Slovakia

“Questions Forever” is a piece of delicate, arid beatcraftsmanship. It’s made from snare drums and magnified pin drops, mallet wallops and steam exhaust, anxious chatter and whirligig resonance. There are tonal aspects, musty bits of harmonic effluence that begin to fill in the substantial gaps, but that’s ethereal stuff, not a melody, not a song. The meat of this piece is its bones, a stuttery but steady bit of downtempo rhythm play. Toward the end it veers into psychedelia, the warpy background sounds echoing into a frayed, uneasy spaciousness, but the underlying grid work is where it’s at. “Questions Forever” is all infrastructure, all girding and planning, pacing and metrics.

Track originally posted at Jojo Blue is based in Bratislava, Slovakia.

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