Tightly Wound Moments

A short figment by Microvolt of Sittingbourne, England

This bit of distilled ambient music was posted by Microvolt a year ago, and it’s getting some new listens, at least in part thanks to a repost by Dave Dorgan. Spend five minutes in thrall of tightly wound moments of lower-case wonder. There’s nothing here that has more presence than a ghost echo from down the hall. It’s all gentle blood-in-the-ears tingle and passing-airplane drone. A keyboard sounds like it’s being played from several leagues underground, like someone is spinning Harold Budd vinyl all alone in a bunker, unaware that the sound is, ever so slightly, leaking out. The sharpest if not loudest element in the mix is an occasional flash of backward-mask effect, which seems to nudge the sound — or at least the listener’s consideration — into a nostalgic mode.

Track originally posted at soundcloud.com/mrmicrovolt. Microvolt is Sittingbourne, England”“based Paul Randall, more from whom at twitter.com/PaulMicrovolt, youtube.com/mrmicrovolt, and microvolt.bandcamp.com.

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