Synthesized Frivolity

From mafgar of Portland, Oregon

There’s a frivolity at the root of this track that makes it stand out. The little blurp of sonic gymnastic play with which it opens slowly repeats and then expands excitedly as it goes. It runs through the first time, then pauses, and then begins its looping transformations, at times settling down to something approaching ease, and then suddenly bounding about. It has a sweet disposition, like a little robot plaything running free, out of the clutches of the overly affectionate child it spends daylight hours attending to. It flutters and burbles, pings gleefully and flits about with an infectious eagerness. “Rings into Clouds (an obligation)” by mafgar presumably takes its name from the synthesizer technology from which it was made: a ring modulator and a granular sound processor. The melody doesn’t develop so much as it veers wildly while still adhering to a core tonality, much of it with a plectrum-like quality.

Track originally posted at More from mafgar, who is based in Portland, Oregon, at,, and Google Play Music.

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