A Lithuanian Dream

Agnes M's work for theater

Agnes M is Agne Matuleviciute of Vilnius, Lithuania. “A Window” is a short piece she posted recently on her SoundCloud account, providing little context beyond noting it’s a work for theater. The backbone of it is a steady, generously slumbrous tonal sequence, a sleepy stepwise bass line played out, presumably on a keyboard. That line persists for almost the entire piece, as different things are laid atop it, at first filters and effects and little extra notes here and there, an improvisation in a higher register, a fracture of noise.

As it proceeds, more and more intercedes — the sound effects get more insistent, the variety and artful chaos increase. There is simulated wind, and what might be horses neighing, and much much more. The track itself gets twisted back on itself, that bass line momentarily disappearing below the ratcheted-up phalanx of sounds. Eventually that line reappears, lending a sense of full-circle closure. Much as the variety of noises had held the line at bay, when it returns it in turn suggests those noises as a passing dream.

Track originally posted at soundcloud.com/aagnesm. More from Matuleviciute at instagram.com/agne._ and YouTube. The track was produced with Martynas Vil (soundcloud.com/martynasvil), who’s based in London.

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