Stasis Report ✚ Toprak, Synthikat, Cliff Martinez, Julie Byrne, Sam Gendel

New tracks added to the ambient Spotify playlist

The first update to my Stasis Report ambient-music playlist on Spotify adds the following five tracks:

✚ “Stepping Over the Edge” by Pinar Toprak, from her score to The Tides of Fate, a sailing documentary, released this month on label Varèse Sarabande. Toprak was just announced at the composer for the upcoming Captain Marvel film. The news makes her the first female composer of a Marvel Studios film. Crossing comic-universe borders, Toprak is currently the composer on the Superman TV prequel, Krypton. She provided additional music to the Justice League film and was a composer on the Fortnite video game.

✚ “Alien Piano” is from Synthikat’s Ambient Works 002 album, released two months ago.

✚ “Keep It Christmasy, Babe” is the closing track on Cliff Martinez’s score to the just-released film Hotel Artemis.

✚ Julie Byrne’s “Interlude,” first released on her 2017 album Not Even Happiness, popped up on the ambient-ish Spotify playlist from the Ghostly record label, Ghostly: At Rest.

✚ “East LA Haze Dream” is from Sam Gendel’s Pass If Music, released last month on Leaving Records.

Some previous Stasis Report tracks were removed to make room for these, keeping the playlist length to roughly an hour and a half. Those tracks are now in the Stasis Archives playlist.

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