A Collective of Two

A peek into a cloud atlas

The Oxford Ambient Collective is an individual, though here it’s also a duo, working in tandem with Encym. The music of “London Departures” is vast as only a bedroom beatmaker can craft — which is to say unimaginably — though here there are no beats, per se, just a vast, ever-quivering mass of light sounds. It’s full-on cloud mode. A glance at a “types of clouds” STEM page for elementary-school students suggests perhaps the cumulonimbus clouds: massive structures of humidity that form on hot days.

Track oroginally posted at soundcloud.com/oxfordambient. More on the Oxford Ambient Collective, aka David Smith, at oxfordambient.com and youtube.com. More from encym, aka Roland Reinke, at encym.bandcamp.com.

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