Stasis Report: Loscil ✚ Grouper ✚ More

Five tracks newly added to the ambient playlist on Spotify and Google Play Music on September 23, 2018

The latest update to my Stasis Report ambient-music playlist. It started out just on Spotify. It’s now also on Google Play Music. The following five tracks were added on Sunday, September 23. Four of the tracks are fairly new, with the exception of one from 2012:

✚ “Quiet Midnight” off Spring by ioflow (aka Joshua Saddler of San Diego, California): Released on the Gohan Tapes label.

✚ “Laramie” off Ghost Box (Expanded) by SUSS, whose members are Bob Holmes, Gary Leib, Pat Irwin, Jonathan Gregg, and William Garrett: Interview at Album on the Northern Spy label.

✚ “Imprints,” a single by Loscil, working with Field Works, aka Stuart Hyatt, based on Hyatt’s own field recordings. It’s from a new collection, Born in the Ear, also featuring Paul de Jong, Eluvium, Forrest Lewinger, the Album Leaf, Greg Davis, Juana Molina, and Hyatt: Released on the Temporary Residence label.

✚ “Blouse” from Grid of Points by Grouper, aka Liz Harris: Released on the Yellow Electric label.

✚ “Brûlez ce coeur,” the title track off a 2012 album by Les Momies de Palerme (on Constellation Records), aka Xarah Dion and Marie Davidson:, It’s also on Bandcamp, though minus a few tracks: Davidson has a new album, Working Class Woman, due out October 5 on Ninja Tune.

Some previous Stasis Report tracks were removed to make room for these, keeping the playlist length to roughly two hours. Those retired tracks (Leila Abdul-Rauf, Lucrecia Dalt, M. Geddes Gengres, and Jake Muir, as well as Kara-Lis Coverdale remixing Úlfur) are now in the Stasis Archives playlist (currently only on Spotify).

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