Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s Music for Yoga

And meditation. Check out two tracks in advance of the album's January 2019 release.

The rising synthesizer figure Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith has announced a forthcoming album of purpose-composed recordings, Tides: Music for Meditation and Yoga. The album is due out on January 11, 2019, and is currently available for pre-order on Smith’s Bandcamp page, where two of its nine tracks are already streaming, a total of nearly 10 minutes of music.

Though the album is new, the music is more than half a decade old, recorded back in 2013 at the request of one of Smith’s parents: “it was commissioned by Smith’s mother to accompany her yoga practice,” says the accompanying liner note. The two tracks, “Tides III” and “Tides IV,” both employ, as does the rest of the album, the Buchla Music Easel instrument, the original of which dates back to 1973, almost a decade and a half before Smith was born.

“Tides III” is a gentle, see-sawing piece, with layers of lulling melodic material. “Tides IV” emerges from a whorl of white noise, and cuts the pace of “Tides III” almost in half. Stepwise melodies trace figures up and down, back and forth, while a looming undercurrent comes in and out of focus. While Smith describes the album as ambient, the music is also often delectably dense and always quite present.

Preorder the album at kaitlynaureliasmith.bandcamp.com. More from Smith, who lives in Los Angeles, at kaitlynaureliasmith.com. Found via synthtopia.com.

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