The “Electricity” of Colorlist

The trio of Charles Gorczynski, Charles Rumback, and John Hughes

A new Colorlist album, Full Circle, was released late last year, and I somehow only just figured this out. I was trying today to recall the name of its phenomenal saxophonist, Charles Gorczynski, whose work I first came to appreciate when he was playing with the group Spinach Prince almost a decade back. (I’m horrible with names, but I’m very good with faces, and I’m even better with short video clips of people inventively playing saxophone and a large Monome grid in a live setting.)

As luck would have it (or not, in this case), I learned in the process that I’d missed a different Gorczynski group perform by just a few days — but until the next show, there is Full Circle to enjoy. Colorlist is the trio of Gorczynski working with Charles Rumback on drums and John Hughes (of Hefty Records) on “synthesizers / electronics.” This is their fourth album together. The threesome’s work draws from jazz and free improvisation, which they wield in the context of atmospheric electronic music. One highlight of the album is the sprawling-seeming yet fairly compact (under six minutes) “Electricity,” all tunnel ambience, swirling drones, emergent rhythms, and deep simpatico ensemble playing.

The album is available at

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