RSS and Its Contents

Playing catch-up

For the past month, for unclear reasons, the RSS feed of wasn’t functioning well — or at least, little to nothing showed up on for many weeks in a row. In any case, that issue seems to have been corrected or otherwise resolved, hence the test post (since deleted) you may have noticed yesterday if you use RSS. Here are some of the stories that popped up on during the blackout:

  • I had the privilege of appearing on Darwin Grosse’s excellent podcast, Art + Music + Technology.
  • The gorgeous new album from Rotterdam-based musician Michel Banabila, titled Uprooted, features a short essay from me as its liner notes.
  • Graffiti in Sacramento, California, suggests a P2P underground.
  • Marcus Fischer had a beautiful installation at a Portland gallery involving speaker cones and seed pods.
  • Louise Rossiter (based in Leicester, U.K.) is sharing the music she’s making as she learns the coding language Supercolider.
  • The Japanese translation of my Aphex Twin book was spotted in Tokyo again.
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