Lucchi and the &

A remix by Ivan Black (among numerous other musicians)

Marco Lucchi’s recordings are always welcome, especially when there’s an ampersand involved. Recent favorites include his reworking of Henrik Meierkord’s cello, as well as Lucchi’s modular synthesizer duet with the mellotron of itwasthewires. The latest track on his SoundCloud account,, flips the scenario: it’s a remix of Lucchi’s music by another musician, Ivan Black. The result, a reworking of “Eine kleine elektronische Meditation,” is a slow-motion, dream-state train ride through thick sonic fog, punctuated by occasional pulse signals, which lend a dubby quality. The original piece is here, for comparison:

There have been numerous remixes of “Eine kleine elektronische Meditation,” with about 50 in the playlist. That’s a lot of &s:

Track originally posted at More from Lucchi, who is based in Modena, Italy, at and

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