Forging Rhythmic Similarities

A collaboration between João Ricardo, Henrique Fernandes, and Jorge Quintela

Sublumia: Liquid Aesthesia is the trio of João Ricardo, Henrique Fernandes, and Jorge Quintela working in collaboration. They combine myriad tiny sounds, from closely experienced field recordings to minuscule devices to composed tones making subtle variations, all in the service of forming a detailed sound world that derives the exotic from the familiar. Such things, apparently, as field recordings of insect noise, the burble of boiling water, and the mechanistic click of unidentified gadgetry gather to a forge singular listening undertaking, one in which the similarities between the source materials, notably in rhythmic terms, provide a conceptual through line. Liner notes explain that the recordings originated as the sound of a combination performance and sound installation: “The objects that integrate it use the sound capture and projection of light from and on water and several electromechanical elements, such as air pumps, dc motors and sound induction devices, without resorting to manipulation or any type of artificialization of the sound sources or lighting.”

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