In the Name of Corruption

Covid-era Tokyo archiving

While the SoundCloud account of Tokyo-based noise-maker Corruption remains mothballed, the musician’s Bandcamp account has another archival update. ミジンコ daphnia emotions is 31 tracks recorded between 2013 and 2019. They range from what might be a video-arcade field recording (“emwrec#msl”) to lounge-tempo pop techno (“pole”) to sequenced white noise drones (“cold wind”) to especially Aphex-y melodic sweetness (“pause”), just for starters. And of course, the most unclassifiable tracks are where it’s really at, notably “mga,” in which what sounds like a breeze running through a tunnel is transformed into a squelchy melody. The variety gives a sense of the range that Corruption has been up to for years over at SoundCloud, where nearly 1,000 tracks have been collected. Presumably these are favorites culled from that expanse.

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