This Week in Sound: Dishware, Aliens, Speech Recognition

A lightly annotated clipping service

I haven’t had time for a proper issue of the This Week in Sound email newsletter in some time, but here are a few recent stories of interest:

▰ This Kickstarter is like the flip of Erik Satie’s Musique d’Ameublement, dishware designed to make as little noise as possible:

▰ To paraphrase Pogo, we have met the aliens and they are us: “The Most Promising Signal of Alien Intelligence Just Went Bust” by George Dvorsky (

▰ How travel companies from airlines to hotels are shaping the sounds their customers experience, by Max Brearley:

▰ Obituary by Tony Herrington for Ian Rawes (1965-2021), the sound recordist and archivist who founded the London Sound Survey website,, “a web project which collected over 2,000 recordings of everyday life in London between 2008 and 2020”:

▰ A history of the development of speech recognition, by Graeme John Cole:

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