Six Strings & Five Footnotes

Some favorites

These are my six¹ favorite² guitarists, listed in reverse order of when I first came upon and learned to love their music. Please recommend others.

Ben Monder³
Eivind Aarset³
Ava Mendoza⁴
Michael Brook³
Bill Frisell⁵
Robert Fripp

¹I likely forgot some.
²Ambientish and living
³Never seen live
⁴Used to see often in San Francisco before she left town
⁵Used to see often in New York City before I left town

3 thoughts on “Six Strings & Five Footnotes

  1. A few that come to mind right off the top (not all exactly ambientish but all living, I think):

    Dr Know (Bad Brains) Mary Halvorson Sumner McKane Oren Ambarchi Richard Pinhas Sharif Sehnaoui Robert Hampson

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