New Loraine James Team-up

With TVSI on AD 93 out May 13

It hasn’t been that long since Loraine James announced her Ghostly album, Whatever the Weather, which came out earlier this month. And there’s already a follow-up, the upcoming EP 053 on the AD 93 label, also home to Dylan Henner, Moin, and Biosphere, among others. 053 teams James with fellow Londoner TSVI (Italian-born Guglielmo Barzacchini, who’s previously recorded for AD 93 as Anunaku). Two preview tracks, “Observe” and “Trust,” are already up. The first is IDM beats and async melodies. The second: lush, sodden piano and lightly granulated vocals. Instant heavy rotation. These two tracks close the five-song set. As for the rest of it, we’ll know on May 13.

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