The New Old Web

SoundCloud, Tinyletter ...

It’s funny how the new web eventually becomes the old web. When the Disquiet Junto was founded, way back in January 2012, SoundCloud was the primary place where interactions between members occurred — not just tracks being posted, which remains the main Junto SoundCloud use to this day, but communication, as well. Back then, SoundCloud had a “groups” functionality and a “discussion” tab. Today, in the absence of those built-in functions, such activity has been outboarded to Lines ( and to the Disquiet Junto Slack. Lines is more for project-specific communication, whereas the Slack has been more of what is sometimes termed water-cooler chat. Of course, the Junto has always had a distributed communication structure. Twitter, for example, is where the majority of early participants got to know each other. SoundCloud and Tinyletter are slowly becoming the old web, which may simply be what happens as time passes.

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