Cage Chord Compilation

1 chord, 54 musicians, 1 hour and 45 minutes

This lengthy single track, just under an hours and 45 minutes in duration, was compiled by Tobias Reber from the work of 54 participants in a summer 2022 collaboration between Musikfestival Bern and the Disquiet Junto music community. Contributors were invited to make drones based on a shared single chord from a John Cage composition. More details at

Below is a full list in alphabetical order of the musicians included in this compilation. A few others were produced, as well, in the course of the music community project, which ran from August 11 through August 15, 2022. More on the festival, scheduled from September 7 through 11, 2022, at

33per, A Thousand Plateaus, Aethyr, Alchemical Cage Chord, analoc, ausgesuchtestenohren, baconpaul, Benn DeMole, celaeno, Chridmeister, Clint Burgess, craniform, Dan Simpson, Death Hags, encym, Fake Genius, feXon, Gerard Paresys, h b, he_nu_ri, hugh g twatt, -infDB, Kei, Krakencraft, krseward, Lazenbee Industries, Lee Evans, Leon Clowes, Marc Eisenschink, Marci Lucchi, Martin AB Cee, melondruie, nobuka, noimspartacus, Noodle Twister, Ossimuratore, Ostacoli Sonori, Paul Beaudoin, pineyb, Punks Dig Disco, RabMusicLab, ray_cobley, robbie, samarobryn, SinnySounds, Sonic Search, Stefan Strasser, Synthi, Tuonela, undermulden, wagneric, wasabicube, x i i i x x i, zeroperimeter

We don’t do a lot of this sort of thing (by which I mean a post-project compilation), in large part because I never want Junto participants to feel like they need to complete a piece before posting it, and in part because external overarching editorial consideration — as is necessary for a compilation like this — is also something I don’t want someone thinking about as they produce tracks for the Junto. But that said, the projects with Musikfestival Bern are unique ones, and part of the announced plan from the start was some tracks may be selected for playing during part of the festival. This excellent compilation is one expression of that plan. Many thanks to Tobias for having executed this compilation.

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