Panel about The Children Next Door

On its 10th anniversary

Back in 2012, I had the great pleasure to work on a documentary film titled The Children Next Door. I joined the project to initially as music supervisor: to collaborate on sound design and oversee the hiring of a proper composer.

We eventually brought on the incredibly talented Taylor Deupree, of the 12k record label. The resulting film, from director Doug Block and producer Lynda Hansen, is a complex story about the survivors of domestic violence. This Thursday, October 27 (6:00-7:30pm ET), Doug and Lynda will participate in a panel discussion, titled “Filming with Traumatized Participants,” on the occasion of the movie’s 10th anniversary re-release. They’ll be joined by two members of the family that was the focus of The Children Next Door, Penny and Chelsea Waldroup, along with advocate Margie Ratliff (daughter of convicted murderer Michael Peterson, and herself a subject of both the true-crime documentary The Staircase and Subject, a documentary about participants in such documentaries).

Needless to say, audio will not be the focus of the October 27 discussion, but I’m proud of this film, and wanted to mention the event. I’ll definitely be attending. A Q&A will follow the discussion.

The October 27 online event is free. Just register online and you’ll get a Zoom link in return.

The film (which, I must warn you, is a tough watch) is available to screen for free through November 6 at

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