Scratch Pad: 2023, Menus, SuperCollider

From the past week

I do this manually each Saturday, usually in the morning over coffee: collating most of the little comments I’ve made on social media, which I think of as my public scratch pad, during the preceding week. These days that mostly means

▰ Happy new year. Let’s leave 2022 in the dust.

▰ Listening to Alexandre Desplat’s score for the film Tirailleurs sure makes my sitting here typing all day feel more adventurous than it actually is. Walter Mitty would have loved a good pair of headphones, not to mention access to streaming audio.

▰ I thought it had become impossible to turn off autoplay on SoundCloud, but it turns out the little button is hidden, placed in the poppup from the “Up Next” menu in the lower right corner.

▰ Font love:

This is a photo of part of a receipt from a. Chinese restaurant. The text has decayed due to the sort of printing use.

▰ Very excited to start off a new year of Disquiet Junto projects with the very same project that kicked things off 11 years ago this week

▰ They were impressive:

Another bit of the same Chinese restaurant receipt

▰ Best part of the new Peter Gabriel song:

▰ Brown noise, but slower

▰ A great thing about social media is you post a stray thought, such as the one directly above, and a friend replies with a sonic experiment along those lines, and another shares code, in SuperCollider, as to how to accomplish it:


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