Junto Profiles: The First 10

Getting to know the community members

Hundreds of musicians have participated in the Disquiet Junto music community over the years. Each week I send out a composition prompt, and then members from around the world upload a recording of what they make of — or with, or from — it. Back in February I started something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, since not long after the Junto started back in 2012 (almost weekly 600 projects ago, as of this writing). I began interviewing people who contribute regularly. Everyone answers the same questions, and then I ask a follow-up based on their responses. I’ve run one of these Junto Profiles each week since February 6, 2023. At some point I imagine the entries will become less frequent, but I already have several more in the works. Below are the first 10.

Daniel Díaz / From Paris, France: working in film, making space, keeping a notebook

Ian Joyce / From the North Wales coast: soporific synths, having fun, the cat’s meow

xiiixxi / From York, England: growing up with Italian opera, working with Euclidean rhythms

Kei Terauchi Sideboard / From San Francisco, California (and Japan): embracing contradictions, reading to compose

Aethyr / From Sheffield, England: eschewing perfection, tweaking genres

Jason Richardson, aka Bassling / From Leeton, New South Wales, Australia: drafting, redrafting, and collaborating

Klaus-Dieter Hilf, aka RabMusicLab / From Heidelberg, Germany: Mathematics, Munich, MIDI

Joe McMahon, aka Equinox Deschanel / From West Virginia, now SF Bay Area: welcome imperfection, false dichotomies

Michel Banabila / From the Netherlands: “Be open for anything that can happen.”

Mark Rushton / From Des Moines, Iowa: streaming live, and leaving nothing on the shelf

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