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“Parallel Normal”

Two pedals, post-serial

Another experiment with electric guitar loops. The main difference between today’s and yesterday’s (“Passing Waves”) is that yesterday’s was recorded serial, so anything coming from the first loop also appeared in the second loop. That gave it a certain density, but, well, it also gave it a certain density. This was recorded in parallel, meaning whichever looper was recording at a given moment was only recording what was being played by the guitar, not what happened to be coming out of the other looper. This means the density took quite a while longer to achieve, but also that the individual segments are much more distinct, even after density has accrued. Also, the loops here are quite a bit longer. Recorded from stereo speakers into a phone (yesterday was from a mono amp), though I’m not sure if the separation is particularly apparent. Major noise reduction in Adobe Audition, and a tiny amount of reverb.

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“Passing Waves”

Two pedals, Tuesday evening

Separate lines on two different loopers, sometimes recording the same thing, generally not, all notes played on guitar, all with especially slow attack accomplished with the guitar’s volume knob, most notes closing with a natural decay. Recorded to phone from amp, live in the room. Post-recording: harsher high-register overtones removed with extreme prejudice in Adobe Audition, with some reverb added because why not?

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Wave Form

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The ocean provides a useful generative sample. The Instagram interface turns it into a loop. (Darn. That’s only the case within Instagram. The embedded version here doesn’t loop. Check it out at

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“Wednesday Loops”

Two pedals, one dominant beat

Wednesday night, playing with loops, one seven beats long, the other eight, then layering occasional accent notes. Fade in and out just turning the knob on the amp once the loops were left to their looping. Recorded to phone put in front of the amp. Not sure why the eight-beat loop is more prominent than the seven-beat one, except perhaps that it’s in 4/4 so the brain registers it more easily. Also not sure about that one hiccup at :46 seconds. Something suddenly went out of alignment and then came just as suddenly back into alignment. The bit at the very end isn’t a tape cassette stopping. It just sounds like that.

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Maximum Patch Point Capacity

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This newly arrived synthesizer module appears to have achieved maximum patch point capacity. It may also test the thesis that you can never have too many VCAs. And, indeed, that many unadulterated waves will benefit from attenuation.

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