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Music to Not Listen To

"Arrow Up" from last night

Pandemic nights often mean some time with simple tools. The synthesizer remains turned off, and the laptop, too. This track, recorded last night, is just electric guitar loops: two Ditto Loopers running asynchronously (different lengths), each taking a signal from a Stratocaster going through a reverb pedal (HardWire RV-7), with an EBow used on occasion. Recorded into Adobe Audition via a mixer and an audio interface. Some reverb and EQ work done in Audition.

If recording you want to listen to is something to aspire to (and it is), this is something else: music that I’ve found myself happy to have on loop in the background while working the next day. Music to not listen to.

The title, “Arrow Up,” relates to the symbol for Mars, patron saint of Tuesdays.

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“Night (There and Back)”

Sunday night loops

Sunday night guitar loops. Unlike other recent guitar loop experiments I’ve tried out, this one has a live component. After the first minute or so (which I’d already layered in advance of hitting record), new material is added and then later deleted. This setup consists of electric guitar, reverb pedal, overdrive, and looper, plus an eBow on occasion for those extended notes. After recording (amp to phone, live in the room), I used Adobe Audition to implement a fade in and a fade out, and for a little additional reverb.

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Friday Night Lights

An ongoing series cross-posted from

Electric guitar layers in single Ditto looper, via Fulltone overdrive and HardWire RV-7 reverb, with a few lines played on EBow

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Modular Renewal

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Pretty sure this is the first time I’ve repurchased a synthesizer module I had previously owned and sold. When I sold it I was working entirely in mono, but then my fledgling experimentation with percussion got me interested in stereo, and lately I’ve been applying stereo to things other than just percussion. Big learning experience.

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“Parallel Normal”

Two pedals, post-serial

Another experiment with electric guitar loops. The main difference between today’s and yesterday’s (“Passing Waves”) is that yesterday’s was recorded serial, so anything coming from the first loop also appeared in the second loop. That gave it a certain density, but, well, it also gave it a certain density. This was recorded in parallel, meaning whichever looper was recording at a given moment was only recording what was being played by the guitar, not what happened to be coming out of the other looper. This means the density took quite a while longer to achieve, but also that the individual segments are much more distinct, even after density has accrued. Also, the loops here are quite a bit longer. Recorded from stereo speakers into a phone (yesterday was from a mono amp), though I’m not sure if the separation is particularly apparent. Major noise reduction in Adobe Audition, and a tiny amount of reverb.

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