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Conversations — with musicians and technologists, composers and record-company executives, legends and upstarts, analog turncoats and self-publishing entrepreneurs.

Note: The software by which is published was upgraded on July 26, 2007. As a result, many past interviews have yet to be ported to the new site. They will be back up shortly. Those interview subjects include, in roughly reverse chronological order: DJ Krush, Amon Tobin, Future Sound of London, Twine’s Chad Mossholder, Michael Bentley (founder of Foundry Records), Sam Rosenthal (founder of Projekt Records), Todd Hyman (founder of Carpark Records), Console’s Martin Gretschmann, Bogdan Raczynski, Randy Greif, Patrick Carpenter (of DJ Food), Coldcut’s Matt Black, and the heads of the record labels Asphodel, Extreme and Moonshine.

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