Hollwman Goes Public

The popular Real Audio plug-in for web browsers is perfect for electronic music for a simple reason: the sounds of electronic pop remain unfamiliar enough to keep the relatively poor quality of the transmission from distracting. Furthermore, the RA format is easy to produce, and the ease of that endeavor has contributed heavily to a virtual groundswell of bedroom composers on the web. If your PC is wired for tunes, get thee to the Hollowman’s web site (jonx.clara.net/hollowman.html) for a taste of how casual it is for the Everysampler to make his music public; as the homepage’s tag line announces: “this site homegrown using notepad. looks ok under netscape.” The Hollowman “outed” himself recently by posting his URL on an Internet mailing list dedicated to “Intelligent Dance Music,” and the three tracks of chill-out background music are worth the trip. “Abuseless” spins a lackadaisical swath from what we once called goth and “Functional (Dub)” applies a fanciful farfisa beat, of sorts, to the proceedings. The best track, though, is “2 Part Set,” which Hollowman’s limited notes refer to as “not friendly,” but which will definitely please adventurous cubicle surfers and home enthusiasts with its industrial timbres and elegiac flow. The tracks are also available in downloadable MP3 format.

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