Groove Is in the Art

Name: GrooveBlender 2 Ӣ Rating: Way Cool Ӣ Format: Online Software Ӣ Play

A grid of colorful music. This toy is a fun-for-all hybrid, a kind of musical Lego system in the form of a rudimentary sequencer. GrooveBlender allows you to create songs from a base set of audio samples. With ease you can place blocks that represent sounds into a desired sequence — say, conga drum, diva shout, conga drum, bass line. Furthermore, you can stack sounds to play simultaneously, running that bass line throughout, or adding a cowbell during the desired measure. Sound samples are available in three sets: funk (which comes with the player), hip-hop and electronica. Though the play is the thing, if you’re especially pleased with your creation you have the option of saving it as a Windows Media Player file for later playback. The system also allows you to share your songs with friends. GrooveBlender, written for Shockwave, is available online and for download. (Thanks to Clive Thompson for having recommended this link.)

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