Monster Mash of Devo, Nina Simone

Much has been made of “mashups,” the name applied to freeform conglomerations of familiar pop songs. The term has done as much harm as good, since so much great music these days is the result of multiple samples drawn from varied sources, underground and above. Search all you’d like for madcap FrankenMP3 files that graft Britney Spears onto Nirvana, but there are plenty of thoroughly legal studio appropriations worth your attention. Witness “Love Story” — the 13th track on the album Night Works by Layo and Bushwacka! (their exclamation point), which manages to lay a chunk of sad-toned Nina Simone atop a rhythm you’ll perhaps recognize from Devo’s “Mongoloid.” The idea might sound as tasteless as the original Devo lyric, but the result is likely to be heard on dancefloors for the foreseeable future. L&B slow “Mongoloid” down just enough to match Simone’s voice, to which they lend a bit of echo. Complete with an extended, slowly building intro straight out of a Cure hit, this song got to be heard to be believed.

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