Silent (Running) MP3s

An album of science-fiction-themed electronic music from Canada, Pheek‘s new collection, Tabisuru Kokoro, is the latest release from Thinnerism Records. Thinnerism is a German label that distributes its music online as free sets of MP3s. Pheek is Jean-Patrice Remillard, a Montreal-based musician who favors the key ingredients in minimal house: the willfully tepid beats, the tiniest of riff-like elements (mechanical echo effects, bells so distant they could be from the next track), almost all of it composed from a select palette of staccato samples, with the occasional enlivening wash of sound across the stereo spectrum. The album is reportedly a tribute to the sci-fi film Silent Running, for which Peter Schickele (the classical-music parodist better known as PDQ Bach) wrote the score, and which also featured songs sung by folkie Joan Baez. The only apparent vocal on Pheek’s album is a spoken snippet, on the opening track (“There You Are”), of Silent Running star Bruce Dern. Tabisuru Kokoro contains nine tracks: six originals and three remixes, one each by Taho, Mateo Murphy and Jeff Bennett. It was uploaded to the Thinnerism website ( on Tuesday, October 27, and is located here.

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